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I consulted with three different window manufacturers and I am very happy that we chose to deal with Théo Mineault. From the moment I was greeted when I first walked into your showroom to the end of the job, I always felt as if I was someone special. Steven Kurz One of the most important parts of a window purchase is the Installers and installation. The work crew was efficient, professional and they worked very neatly. My spouse could not believe how efficient and clean your installers were. Steven Kurz

Double steel door with wood veneer and decorative moldings

Melbourne stained glass

Wood entrance door with side panels and arched transom

Steel Garden Door with elliptical transom

Single door with sidelights and rectangular transom
Berlin stained glass, zinc
Door with decorative moldings

Wood door

Steel door with decorative moldings
Monaco stained glass

Steel door with sidelights

Steel door with sidelight

Arched wood door

Wood door

Steel door

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