Since 1952

Théo Mineault Inc., a company manufacturing doors, windows and kitchen cabinets, is the creation of a man who wished to make his own way in the world.

While still a young carpenter, Théo Mineault founded his company in 1952 when he started making wooden windows in his small workshop. The quality of the windows soon meant that orders were coming in faster than he could make them. Before long, he had hired employees and moved into larger premises to supply the growing demand. In 1954, he added custom kitchens to his windows.

On October 24, 1963, the plant was completely destroyed by a fire that also consumed a very large inventory of valuable materials and products. There wasn't enough insurance to cover the losses. But Théo was not to be defeated by a quirk of fate; with the patience and understanding of his suppliers, he carried on in temporary quarters while rebuilding his plant. By the fall of 1964, Théo Mineault Inc. was again fully operational in new premises on highway 148 in Masson-Angers, Quebec.

Théo's four sons began to apprentice in the company during the 1970s and are now running it. Théo passed away on December 12, 1999, but his passion lives on through the work of his sons and grandchildren.

Besides the Masson-Angers showroom adjacent to the manufacturing plant, Théo Mineault Inc. has four showrooms and sales offices: on Cyrville Road, in Ottawa, on St-Joseph Boulevard, in Gatineau (Hull area) and two showrooms on Merivale, in Nepean.

Théo Mineault Inc. employs some 95 people in its plant and offices, and more than a dozen installation crews. The company provides a kitchen cabinet design service, as well as the sale and installation of its windows, doors and kitchen cabinets.



Théo Mineault Inc.
1952 Foundation of the company Théo Mineault inc.
1963 Mill completely burnt down
1964 Relocation of the mill
1987 Opening of the Ottawa Showroom
1997 Opening of the Hull Showroom
2007 Opening of the Nepean Showroom
2012 Opening of two new Showrooms in Nepean

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