At Théo Mineault we source the best materials. Our design team is here to help you choose the best means for your project.

Cut right from rock, granite is a naturally occurring stone. Every slab of granite is unique, and because it is heat and scratch resistant, this natural masterpiece keeps its first-day sheen for years.

Sparkling quarts countertops capture light and reflect it with the same radiance as quartz crystal. Quartz is composed of 93% quartz and 7% pigments and polyester resin. Glossy, durable and as rugged as stone, this material is hygienic because it is non-porous and mildew proof. Highly resistant to scratches and stains, it requires little care.

Because is it available in a wide variety of colours and consistent patterns, it can be combined harmoniously with other kitchen and bathroom materials.

Acrylic Solid Surfaces, such as Corian by Dupont™, break new ground with their beauty, colour and depth. Non-porous, warm to the touch and without visible joints, this material immediately inspires confidence and reliability, and is easy to care for. It contributes to a healthy, non-toxic, versatile and repairable environment. What more could be asked of a material used to create a contemporary, elegant and practical kitchen?

Laminated counter tops are affordable and available in a huge array of finishes and colours that often imitate more luxurious materials. You can combine materials by choosing a Corian edged laminated countertop.

A strong assembly process enables us to produce countertops with irregular shapes, often without any surface joints for a more seamless finish!

Wooden countertops offer a natural charm in a timeless style. Our wooden countertops are initially finished with beeswax in our factory. After installation, we suggest you repeat the treatment as needed to prevent cracks and prevent dullness.