3 Top Trends for Your Bathroom in 2018

You want to renovate your bathroom to make it more attractive, but do not know where to start? Theo Mineault unveils the 2018 trends to add character and charm to your decor, whatever your taste in style.

This year, red and purple are under the spotlight. Mix and match different shades and colors to warm up the mood to your decor. Opt for a colorful wall or simply choose matching furniture and accessories to add life and personality. The monochrome colored furniture also gained in popularity. Of course, the natural and timeless neutral colors are also a safe choice to maintain a calm environment that will up to date over the years.

In 2018, texture are also being put forward this year for a unique and bold style. For more originality, try to chose geometric tiles and for organic tiles with a traditional wave effect for a more conservative decor. Then, for an authentic design, we suggest you to chose natural style material such as stone or porcelain.

Natural Materials
Since the bathroom is usually a place to take the time to relax, it is better to choose natural materials to enhance the decor while keeping a calm and pleasant atmosphere. It will definitely add a luxurious touch to the decor and character. Choose wood accessories and furniture to create an ideal environment for relaxation.
Finally, whether you are looking for a unique and colorful decor or a more traditional style, 2018 trends will seduce you, no matter what your preferences are. If you have any doubt, our team will also be happy to guide you in making the right decisions about your future renovations.