Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Kitchen by Yourself

Do you plan to do renovate your kitchen yourself in order to save money? Doing all the work alone may involve some disappointment.
Here are our tips on mistakes to avoid when renovating or planning:

1 – Underestimating the importance of ergonomy in the kitchen
Whether you are already familiar with the kitchen, or if you are moving in, we strongly advise you to consider how you will really use the space. For example, will you place hot dishes on the counter, will you need to move often to the refrigerator then to the sink, etc. Also consider the space for cooking in comfort and depositing your appliances.

2 – Not allowing enough storage
Particularly if you make changes to your kitchen in order to improve it, it is better to think of the storage space! Do not make the mistake of enhancing your kitchen’s look without finding it more practical in the end.

3 – Neglecting lighting
Lighting is a very important element in a kitchen. Plan to buy luminaires that project a brighter light. You will appreciate it in the darker evenings, when you will prepare your best dishes.

4 – Sacrificing the floor
If you’re investing in your kitchen, it is better to renovate everything once and for all. It is better to have harmonized elements, rather than investing a significant amount of money and ending up having an ordinary result. If the floors are to be replaced, we advise you to do it at the same time as the kitchen so that you have a only one style.

5 – Renovating according to the actual trend
The trendy kitchens are far from being a bad idea, but expect that it may not suit you. First, if this trend passes, the budget must be foreseen to renew again thereafter. Secondly, you must also consider your lifestyle. For example, a minimalist style is not suitable for a family who will put their keys, children’s toys, wallet and pot of vitamin, just like white cabinets are not suitable for someone who will not want to clean it every other day.
If you need advice from our interior designers, the Théo Mineault team will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you as best as possible. We are specialists in Outaouais!