How to manage your small kitchen’s space

How to manage your small kitchen’s space


Here are some tips to help you be more comfortable in your kitchen and decorate it with style


1 – Open the space to the living room and dining room

This way, the kitchen becomes more inviting and spacious. An open space allows you to add a table without compromising the necessary space for preparing the food. Gone is the time when you had to be isolated to cook or take the dishes in your hands from one room to another.


2 – Choose the right colors

Bright natural colors give aspect of space to your small kitcken. To avoid overloading the room, avoid choosing a heavy color that you might want to get rid of soon. You can choose colorful shades to put around the windows, for example, if you wish to add your personnal touch without adding heaviness in the room. Ultimately, the color should give the impression of a bigger piece while remaining neutral. To add a touch of character, go for raw materials as a cement wall, table or a wooden counter, etc.


3- Favour multifunctional appliances

Several appliances companies have understood the needs of those who own a small kitchen – they are now more compact and multifunctional, in addition to being beautiful. Some brands produce apparels that are as decorative as functional, with more contemporary colors to add a touch of modernity in a timeless setting.


4- Maximise your space

Surely, it is necessary to maximise a small room’s space. We favor the storage of large items in lower cabinets to the floor and smaller in the higher cabinets. The layout of cabinets, drawers and furniture make the difference. If you have empty spaces, create levels.


5- Brighten the room

It may be unpleasant to prepare meals in a dark room – yet, small kitchens are usually darker. Ideally, lighting should be disposed throughout the room. Use a light fixture hanging from the ceiling or strips of light under cabinets. This way, the room will be warmer and less ”restricted”.


6 – Minimalist layout

Indeed, an overloaded decor give a cluttered effect. Choose symmetrical furniture that share a similar style and which fits well with the decor. Avoiding exposing too many objects, the room seem larger.