How to create more space to greet your family for the holidays

Here we are, almost at the most festive time of the year – the Christmas and New Year holidays. Are you the one who is welcoming family and friends this time? Whether you have a large house, a small house or even an apartment, space can be quickly limited when welcoming guests. No need to worry, we give you ideas to give the illusion of a more spacious room or to create more usable surface to ensure the comfort of everyone throughout the day or night.

Here are some ideas to welcome your guests:


1 – Storage, storage, storage!

Before your guests arrive, it is essential to sort out all what is necessary to display and what is not. For example, do you really need this little library in the corridor? You can rearrange the furniture. The more space you create, the more people will be welcomed comfortably into your home. Everything is in the organization – present only the essentials.


2 – Decorations

If you live in a small space, we advise you to decorate it accordingly. There are several types of Christmas decorations that harmonize perfectly with a small space. For example, a half-tree, yes a half-tree put on the wall, saves space, as well as garlands on the walls rather than large objects that clutter the space.


3 – Manage Traffic

In order to avoid everyone being in the same room, why not invite them in each room by putting hors d’oeuvres all over the place; In the kitchen, in the dining room or in the living room. Place chairs in designated areas, all around the living room, even if you have to move some furniture, or elsewhere you want people to sit down. Why not also put cushions or beautiful poufs to comfortably seat children?


We wish you all a great Holiday and a Happy New Year 2017!