Quartz Counter: Modern and Trendy

Among all the products available on the market, quartz has become a very popular alternative during the last year. Durable and easy to clean, it can easily transform any kitchen into an absolutely modern and luxurious room. There are many advantages to adopt this material, especially since it can harmonize very well with different types of finishes such as wood.

Quartz is particularly in demand for its look and large variety of colors available. Indeed, the amalgam of resin, quartz and pigments creates a wide range of patterns and colors. It can create a vibrant effect, but can also keep a neutral appearance. It all depends on tastes and the desired atmosphere you want to create.

Easy to clean, you only have to use a mix of water and vinegar, a mild soap or any other specialized product that we can suggest to you if needed. It is specially designed to withstand the hardships of everyday life while offering an aesthetic surface.

Like granite counter tops, it is a solid and natural material that remains very fashionable. It has the advantage of not requiring a sealant due to its impermeability, so it is not porous. It is resistant to scratches and does not stain if it is cleaned quickly. Also be careful not to cause thermal shock by depositing something too hot (350 degrees).

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, quartz, in addition to being one of the most widely used stones in the world, continues to gain popularity all around the interior decors in Quebec. It comes from the quarries of the province and is, therefore, a local product. The quartz fits all styles and can even act as an alternative to marble.

Its look is more uniform and offers more blunt colors than granite and can therefore be an interesting solution for those who are looking for natural stone. If your heart balances between the two, we invite you to contact our team of professionals to guide you in your choice.