The 3 Benefits of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding materials because of its elegance, rich and warm look. For these reasons, wood kitchen cabinets are often the first choice of homeowners during renovations or when building a new home. To know more about the material, Theo Mineault is sharing its list of the three main advantages of wood cabinets.

1- Aesthetic

Wood is definitely a material that can please everyone because of its quality and beauty. From maple to cherry, there is a multitude of essences, finishes, textures, and colors on the market. It can adapt to all tastes and styles whilst maintaining its nobility. It is ideal for rural, industrial and modern kitchens. The possibilities are endless. The wood offers an elegant and warm atmosphere to its environment.

2- Durability

It is well known, solid wood offers quality durability. It is resistant to scratches and, in case you see scratches, it is easy to repair with wax filler sticks. This is a safe choice to ensure the longevity of your kitchen without any problems since it is easy to maintain. It can survive through the years while keeping its charm and adapt to different styles. Many people will say that wood has many lives, because, unlike other products like melamine, it is even possible to sand it, dye it and paint it according to our tastes without losing its value.

3- Ecological

By choosing wood from responsibly managed forests, it is possible to renovate the kitchen while keeping a conscience for ecology. Check to see if the wood comes from Quebec to respect the environment as much as possible. Some even opt for recycled cabinets given the longevity of the wood and its ability to adapt over time.

However, although wood offers many benefits, many resign themselves to choosing this material for their kitchen because of its price. Fortunately, there are various alternatives. Wood veneers, in particular, reduce the amount of wood used by gluing a thin slice on a MDF board. It reduces, therefore the cost of the cabinet while keeping its style. Melamine, for its part, is one of the most economical solutions and has evolved greatly in recent years. This material offers various finishes and can imitate the wood grain for a more natural look. To know all the possibilities or more advice about your cabinets, do not hesitate to do business with us or to consult the rest of our website.